Ancient Culture

Moonbeach isn’t a bad spot for getting out and about around the Sinai and Cairo.

Situated 2 hours south of Egypt’s chaotic capital, we are well within easy reach for a day of cultural immersion.

Cairo has it all. The ancient splendour of the pyramids, the Sphinx , and a museum laden with Egypt’s unique history. Couple that with a felucca trip down the Nile and a visit to Islamic quarter, and you’ll only just touch the surface of what Cairo has to offer.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling energetic, how about climbing Mount Sinai and a quiet wander around St. Catherine’s Monastery?

From the top of the mountain, the sunrise really is something to behold, and with the 3750 Steps of Repentance and the Burning Bush on the way down, there’s a lot to see.

If all that seems like too much hard work, how about a night out in the desert, under the stars? A dip in the hot springs, a walk through the ever-changing sand dunes,
and dinner beside an oasis…

Cairo and the Pyramids

The awesome spectacle of the Pyramids of Giza, are truly something to behold. So too, are the Solar Boat, Tutankhamen’s museum treasures, lunch on the Nile and even a rummage through the bazaars and street markets.

Desert adventures

With an endless landscape of rock faces, mountain ranges and desert planes, the Sinai Peninsula provides some fascinating experiences.

View Bedouin settlements, camel trains, the occasional unspoiled oasis and ancient temples in this amazing desert trip. Whilst a night spent under the clearest of skies star gazing is not easily forgotten.

Mount Sinai & St Catherine’s Monastery

A moonlit trek up Mount Sinai following in the footsteps of Moses is rewarded with the most epic sunrise and breathtaking scenery. The monastery, founded in 600AD is a spiritual experience, offering an insight into monastic life.

Just a thought…
  • Why not fly into Cairo and add a city stay to the beginning or end of your trip?
  • A sunrise trip to Mount Sinai means that you only miss a morning on the water!
  • Further info and prices are available on site, ask for details!