Our Spring-Summer 2011 Yoga Schedule will be available shortly, please subscribe to our newsletter, and we will email the details just as soon as they are finalised.

Let your mind & your body relax…
Whether you are a dedicated practitioner or an absolute beginner, very bendy or unable to touch your toes, fighting fit or feeling out of shape, Yoga is for everyone.

It has substantial benefits to your fitness and wellbeing, as well as de-stressing tired and busy minds.

Helping to improve flexibility, balance, control and strength, the sequences of postures and breathing techniques leave you feeling remarkably energised, yet calm and revitalised. It’s the road to less aches and pains!

Waterfront classes

Enjoy a full yoga holiday, complement your activities on the water, or just join in with the odd session.

Morning and evening classes (pre-breakfast and dinner) are held in the indoor studio, or on occasion at selected outdoor venues, all with panoramic views.

Professional teaching – a variety of styles

Our yoga teachers have a wealth of experience and study to provide a balanced approach. Styles range from dynamic power and pure Astanga yoga to the more gentle Hatha yoga, whilst other teachers offer a fusion of different yoga techniques to complement the class.

Massage & treatments

Relieve aching muscles or simply indulge yourself. We have a combination of on-site masseurs and a select group of masseurs that visit for 1-2 days a week. Commonly, they offer Swedish or aromatherapy massage and sometimes other treatments like Reiki, Reflexology, Thai Yoga massage, Trager and Aura Soma.

All the above treatments and massages are subject to availability.
Please check at the time of booking.